Zwickau – Dortmund II 1: 2 – König goal too little against BVB reserve

Zwickau conceded an opening bankruptcy for the first time with trainer Joe Enochs!

Against the reserve of Borussia Dortmund there is a 1: 2. Ronny König’s goal was countered by Pherai and Raschl for an away win.

Finally: 4539 spectators want and are allowed to be there, they hope to recover from the weakness at home last season.

Hope is served immediately: after a cross from Dustin Willms, König heads the early lead (4th minute).

It is a wake-up call for BVB, the talents are getting faster, bolder and stronger every minute.

In the 12th minute, Pherai equalized in the margin. Zwickau tries to somehow find a sovereign way of dealing with this 1: 1.

Before that succeeds, Raschl digs through the FSV defense and slams the lead under the bar. 1: 2 – Zwickau is 58 minutes behind and starts an assault on the equalizer.

Dortmund’s Dams sees the red card after Lars Lokotsch has hit Lars Lokotsch (76th), the FSV leaves several chances in the connection.


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