Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Clear text from his “wife”! What Helena reveals about Ibra

Behind every successful man there is a woman. It is no different in the Ibrahimovic house.

Helena Seger (50) has been at the side of star kicker Zlatan Ibrahimovic (39) since 2001.

Unlike other player women, the Swede usually stays in the background, taking care of their children Maximilian (14) and Vincent (12). There are seldom joint official photos. But the Ibrahimovics are not hiding either. The family is usually photographed when attending sporting events or on vacation.

In an interview with Elle magazine, Helena talked about her relationship with the Milan star.

… about their first meeting in a parking lot in Malmö: “Love at first sight? No. He had parked his Ferrari badly so that he blocked my Mercedes and I couldn’t pull out of the parking space. I pretty much complained to him that he should run away immediately and as you can see, he liked that. “

… about his character: “It’s not easy to live with him. But I admit, not even with myself. ”

… about their relationship: “I think I like Zlatan because I stand up to him.”

Rare joint public appearance: Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Helena Seger 2011Photo: picture alliance / IBL Sweden

… about wedding: “A wedding could disturb my sense of independence. I don’t want to just get stamped as a gamer’s wife or a miss in a beauty contest. I don’t think people even know how much I’ve studied, worked and fought. “

The eleven years older ex-model has a business degree and had her own career when she met Zlatan. When the striker joined Juventus Turin in 2005, they moved in together and became parents for the first time in Milan a year later. She later accompanied him to Barcelona, ​​Milan, Paris, Manchester and Los Angeles.

Helena now lives with her two sons in Stockholm, where the family will continue to live after their career. He currently plays in Milan and has an apartment in the city.

And what does Zlatan say about his Helena?

The star kicker in the magazine “Sportweek” about his “wife”: “She has a lot of patience. It is not easy with me. At home there are four of us and I’m not above everything just because I’m famous. We are all equally important. I often ask her for advice, but never when I change clubs. “

By the way: At home it’s wonderfully normal, as he revealed to “GQ Italia”. Zlatan sometimes stands at the stove himself and cooks pasta with butter or Parmesan for his boys when Mama Helena is not there.


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