Zhang Ziyi went to the event after giving birth to her second child

Minh Tinh Zhang Ziyi first attended the October 17 event in Shanghai after giving birth to his second child with singer Uong Phong.

She wore a neutral fishtail dress, mixed high heels and retro clutches. Many news sites commented that Tu Di quickly regained his figure and noble style.

Chuong Tu Di’s photoshoped photo was published in many major newspapers. Image: Lanvin.

However, in the above series of photos and videos behind the scenes Weibo, Most viewers say she has not regained her form after giving birth. Sina wrote: “Ma Y Loi, 44 years old, has two children and Charmaine, 45 years old, has not given birth yet, although older than Zhang Ziyi, their faces are very natural. Both choose light-colored outfits, After giving birth to a second child, the skin of Tu Di has not completely recovered.

Zhang Ziyi was criticized for being sharp

Video Tu Di posing on the red carpet filmed by fans. Video: Weibo.

Zhang Ziyi joined the entertainment industry at the age of 17, is the country’s leading flower, has appeared in many Hollywood blockbusters. She is famous for Crouching tiger dragon, Cross face ambush, Memoirs of a geisha, Mai Lan Phuong, Hero, Nhat Dai master …

The beauty and Uong Phong secretly registered their marriage in 2015, having two children together. Over the years, the pair of stars met many waves. Many viewers said that Zi Di was blind when choosing a rocker who had gone through two wives, had two children and a troubled history. A few months ago, a blogger was on Weibo reporting on the male singer nicknamed “Tieu Thuy Ca”, having sex with girls, even though his wife is a star. Public opinion pointed at Uong Phong because he had been accused of adultery many times before. Even his ex-wife and ex-lover once criticized him for being treacherous, passionate about red and black games, hypocrisy … Ignoring everything about her husband, Tzu Di constantly said happiness and posted family moments Family laughter on his personal page.

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