Zeh challenges VfB President Vogt: “Democracy trampled underfoot”

Volker Zeh (56) does not give up. And speaks in BILD.

BILD: On the homepage of VfB Stuttgart it says there was no willingness to run against Claus Vogt. Have you withdrawn your application for the office of VfB President?

Toe: “That’s a lie. No I did not. The advisory board delayed me and never turned me down. I found out in writing on Sunday evening that I shouldn’t be set up. Without explanation. The way the advisory board meeting apparently went, I do not accept the decision. I do not understand why the advisory board is taking the members’ chance to choose the better of two candidates. Democracy was trampled on! “

BILD: Is there anything in your CV that speaks against a nomination?

Toe: “I was recently appointed Honorary Consul for Montenegro in Baden-Württemberg. Before that, you are screened for months by the Foreign Office. I also presented my plans to the advisory board in detail. From fan consultation hours to the point that I would bring sponsors with me. I have the feeling that the Vogt advocates on the advisory board have recognized that I am a very strong competitor. And they prevailed. “

BILD: Are you still available?

Toe: “Of course! And I would be very happy if Claus Vogt accepts the challenge. If he approves of democratic processes, he cannot be content to be the sole candidate. Members must be able to vote. What is a right to vote worth if only one candidate stands for election? “

BILD: Vogt wanted to postpone the general meeting and election. How do you feel about it?

Toe: “In the context of developments over the past few days, I now share this view. I assume that Vogt will stick to his convictions. “

BILD: There are rumors that the VfB President will be paid in the future. Your point of view?

Toe: “It may be that it will now come out that Claus Vogt will be rewarded with six figures in the future. This is said to have been discussed in the advisory board, but not yet decided. I want to do voluntary work. “


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