You can find everything in pharmacies

A Saturday afternoon, in the queue of a Parisian pharmacy. A little girl, with a long blonde braid and a teddy bear bag on her back, scans the shelves.

– What is that, candy? “, she asks her mother, pointing to colored bags.

– No, these are throat lozenges, replies mom.

– And that ?, asks the child again, his little finger resting on a metallic box.

This is liquorice.

For the throat?


– Why then ?

– For nothing. Like that. Because there are people who like it.

The girl frowns.Partly open her lips.Another question is itching, but she can tell her mother is losing patience. There are people in the dispensary, the client in front has a prescription as long as his arm. It is not moving forward and it is almost time for dinner. We’re not going to talk about it. But Mom… finally dares the little one, almost whispering. Why is it here if it’s not a medicine? ” Silence of the mother. Interrogative gaze of the child. Relaunch : “Sweets are normally in the supermarket, no ? You can buy sweets at the supermarket. Huh mom? “

The mother ends up answering that no, not necessarily, that we find everything in pharmacies, not only medicines, well, there is toothpaste, and there look, soap and then there, nail files.


What questioning would the girl not have embarked upon if, that day, she had spotted the strange bottle that has recently been blooming on the counters of pharmacies? A yellow and blue bottle, with a funny name, propped up on a display where little characters are celebrating. A soda ? An energizing drink? No, a drink “100% natural”, imagined by two young entrepreneurs to fight against veisalgia, better known under the name of “hangover”.

“We did research and discovered that the French spend three years of their lives hanging over, so three years lost”, underline the creators in a press release. In the United Kingdom, these “Difficult days of celebration”, synonymous with reduced productivity, would represent a loss of 1.4 billion euros each year for companies. “Nobody until now has looked into this subject”, wonder the entrepreneurs, who assure him: “Our idea is not to incite or exonerate alcohol consumers, but to help those who, during a festive evening, feel a malaise both in their body and in their head. “

For optimal efficiency, anticipate

Elaborated ” in laboratory “ with South Korean researchers, their pear product Nashi, a fruit from the “Land of calm morning”, would already meet a “Huge success”, “With 32 bottles sold per hour, ie one bottle every two minutes”.

Be careful, for optimal efficiency, you have to anticipate. Because this magic liquid is not swallowed after excessive alcohol consumption, but before or better, during the intoxication, “Ideally after the first glass, pure or mixed with his cocktails”. Those who try the experiment will be reassured to learn that this drink is lactose-free, without additives, without caffeine and without soy. We are not going to swallow anything! Yes, you can find everything in pharmacies …


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