Yellow vests or sanitary pass: low mobilization expected this Saturday

For the fifteenth consecutive week, demonstrators are expected across France this Saturday. They should be less numerous than the previous weekends.

The convergence of struggles is still long overdue. While the demonstrations against the health pass are running out of steam after fifteen weeks in the streets, the government is forecasting a fairly calm Saturday, despite the resumption – gently – of the movement of yellow vests in reaction to the rise in fuel prices. In all, about sixty calls to protest were spotted on social networks, according to a note from territorial intelligence that The Parisian consulted. Numbers “much lower in number than in the last few weeks of protestยป, According to the same note.


While a majority of French people are in favor of a possible extension of the health pass until July 31, 2022, some die-hard anti-pass will therefore continue to parade, including several processions in Paris from 2 p.m. Others are planned in Marseille, Lille, Lannion or Amiens, according to The Parisian. Sophie Tissier, one of the leaders of this movement, for example tweeted: “Everyone in the streets against the permanent emergency coup d’etat which is killing democracy.”

Alongside the anti-pass, some yellow vests should therefore also demonstrate against the rise in energy prices, even though the government has just announced the distribution of an “inflation allowance” for more than half of the French. But then again, gatherings should be sparse. In its note, Intelligence believes that despite the “relative failure” of the resumption of roundabouts so far, “A new call is nevertheless launched for this Saturday 23 October”. The note specifies, however, that this call is “Little broadcast at this stage”.

Last week, the demonstrations were already in sharp decline, with 40,000 people in the streets against more than 200,000 in July, at the height of the protest.

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