Xu Xiyuan: 10 years of intense

TaiwanWhen giving birth in 2016, actor Tu Hy Vien had a seizure, was in a coma and was close to death.

On November 22, the 45-year-old star said she was divorcing mainland Chinese businessman – Wang Xiaofei – after 10 years of marriage. Follow Sohu, Hy Vien spent 10 “intense” years with many ups and downs, even in the midst of a life of death.

In 2011, at the peak of her career, among the most expensive female stars in the Chinese entertainment industry, Hy Vien married a Beijing young man five years younger than her, after 49 days of dating. The actor just wanted to hold a private and romantic wedding, but Tieu Phi – who likes to be bustling – invited many of his friends and his mother’s friends, making the wedding no longer private. In 2020, Uong Tieu Phi returned to the resort where the wedding was held, feeling sorry for his wife. He wrote on his personal page: “I owe you a wedding with only the two of us running on the sand barefoot”. But Tu Hy Vien replied to her husband: “Okay, I’m sorry”.

Tu Hy Vien, Uong Tieu Phi on the wedding day. Photo: Sohu

Many fans of the actor commented that the wedding was just the beginning of a series of disadvantages for Tu Hy Vien. Because she was not at a favorable age to give birth, and faced with work pressure, it was difficult for her to conceive. The couple used to pray next to many doctors, applying all kinds of methods to have children. She gave birth to two children respectively, a girl and a boy in 2014 and 2016. When giving birth to her second child, Hy Vien had a seizure, was close to death on the operating table, and saved her life after two emergency visits.

Since then, Tu Hy Vien’s health declined. In 2018, she became pregnant for the third time, had to abort the child because there was no fetal heart. Above Appledaily, the actress admitted her body was weak, but she treated herself cruelly. Reading comments decrying her fat appearance, she raised the determination to lose weight to confidently return to work. Uong Tieu Phi once said that his wife lost 10 kg within a month.

The harsh weight loss regime caused Tu Hy Vien to relapse into epilepsy in 2018, having to stay in the intensive treatment room. In addition, she was hospitalized for cardiovascular disease, a serious condition. On his personal page, Uong Tieu Phi once prayed for his wife: “Four family members, we can’t lose anyone”.

Tu Hy Vien, Wang Xiaofei took their two children out in 2018. Photo: Weibo/Wang Xiaofei

Tu Hy Vien, Uong Tieu Phi took their two children out in 2018. Photo: Weibo/Wang Xiaofei

Although she was sick, Tu Hy Vien took care of the housework and took care of her two young children, because Uong Tieu Phi often worked. Sometimes, she is helped by her mother – Mrs. Hoang Xuan Mai – to take care of her grandchildren. She once revealed that her daughter is often stressed and pressured because of housework, taking care of children, often hiding her fatigue to play with the children.

Couples being apart for a long time also lead to many conflicts and few common voices. In March, on the occasion of her daughter’s wedding anniversary, Mrs. Xuan Mai revealed that her 10 years have not been easy. Husband and wife often argue because of differences in personality and outlook on life. Just the fact that their children study in Taiwan or Beijing also causes both of them to contradict many times.

Romantic moment of husband and wife Tu Hy Vien

Romantic moment of Tu Hy Vien, Uong Tieu Phi in the show “Happiness Trio” 2018. Video: Mango TV

Even so, Hy Vien also spent sweet, romantic and warm days with her partner. In reality show Happiness Trio In 2018, Tu Hy Vien said that her husband was psychological and often encouraged when she was suffering because of her appearance. He always peeled shrimp for her to eat, often yielded when the couple argued, giving her unexpected gifts.

Tu Hy Vien chooses to spend time with her family, so her career has stalled for the past 10 years. She turned down many movie offers to stay at home to take care of her children, including Like a story. Last year, Uong Tieu Phi shared a series of photos of Hy Vien at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival and wrote: “I feel like I left my wife unfinished. If it weren’t for me, her career would be more brilliant.”

Tu Hy Vien once said that she is a perfectionist, always wants to appear with a beautiful image, so she is stressed when she cannot control her weight.  Photo: Ettoday

Tu Hy Vien once said that she was a perfectionist, always wanted to appear with a beautiful image, so she was stressed when she couldn’t control her weight. Photo: Ettoday

Tu Hy Vien has not appeared publicly for a year. Since the marital turmoil in June, she has not responded to the noise surrounding her private life. In the divorce announcement, the actress said that despite the breakup, she and Tieu Phi are grateful for having had happy days, both will handle the divorce proceedings with a peaceful attitude and share the responsibility of raising children. Above Appledaily, Hy Vien said: “At this moment, I am very calm. I hope he always lives better than me”.

Hy Vien was born in 1975 in Taiwan, joined the entertainment industry in the 1990s. In 2001, she became famous in some Asian countries through the role of Sam Thai in the movie. Meteor Garden. The success of the work that turned Tu Hy Vien into the most sought-after Chinese-born star. Then she resonated with Please don’t hang up, Sword Dance, Summer Balloons

The beauty of Tu Hy Vien in the Meteor Garden

Tu Hy Vien in “Meteor Garden”. Video: CTS

In the 2000s, Tu Hy Vien advertised for many fashion and beauty brands. Page Ettoday Not too tall (about 1.62 m), Hy Vien is still prominent in the star world, expensive as a model thanks to her bright face and bright smile.

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