WWE: Superstar Big E’s case secret!

HE is the suitcase courtier!

WWE Superstar Big E (35).

He’s been the owner of the Money-in-the-Bank suitcase for over a week. Anyone who has this can demand a title match at any time – if the WWE script allows it! In any case, it is proof that the WWE thinks a lot of him – and trusts him to represent the company as a champion.

The USA insider interview with Big E, who of course hopes to soon become champion through the suitcase.

Where’s your MITB suitcase?

“I always have it with me. Right now he is one and a half meters from me in my hotel room. “

No matter where you travel – is your suitcase always with you from now on?

“That’s how it looks. I really always have it with me. “

How does the security check work at the airport?

“Oh, that’s always a gamble right now. I always take it with me on the machine. I can’t risk anything, we travel a lot, and sometimes a suitcase gets lost or arrives late. The last thing I need that I lose that part. After all, I worked so hard for it. “

Now you have to unravel the big secret: what is really in the suitcase?

“Aaaaah, there is actually a contract in there. A sheet of paper. There are the rules on how the title fight is to be redeemed. The so-called cash-in! So the thing is not empty! I should pack some Ritz crackers in there soon in case I get hungry. But until then only the contract is there. “

When do you want to redeem the suitcase?

“Haha, who knows. That’s what makes the whole thing so special and exciting. It can happen at any moment in the ring. So I have the element of surprise on my side. Nicky ASH has proven with women that everything can go very quickly. She redeemed the suitcase at RAW the very next evening. Less than 24 hours after she won it. So she didn’t waste any time to become World Champion. So let’s see how long it will take for me. “

The Money-in-the-Bank suitcase has been around since 2005. You are now the first African-American to win the suitcase. In addition, Bobby Lashley is currently RAW champion, Bianca Belair is a smackdown champion. Is this a special moment for African American wrestlers right now?

“Definitely! It’s a special time for black men and women in WWE and outside of our company. It’s not just us, it’s more than that. Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair won an ESPY Award for WWE Moment of the Year. That’s incredible. Two black women! But I don’t think – when I look around the WWE – that the two or the other get their chance because of the color of their skin. No, but because they are the very best at what they do! Apollo Crews earned the Intercontinental Title through his work, the same goes for Bobby Lashley, for Bianca. There are other black wrestlers who are doing so well right now. The Streets Profits, when Hurt Business were together, did great things. Kofi and Woods too, of course! Our shows represent what the world looks like out there. And of course diversity is very cool! Of course people and children out there feel represented when they are black themselves and see a black champion and say: He looks like me! In WWE we have so many people with different backgrounds, wrestlers from China and Japan, Mexico, Europe and and and. We reflect what the world really looks like! And diverse! “

Which celebrity, which person would you like to face in the ring?

“Oh man! I don’t know if we could be opponents. But the rapper Wale loves wrestling. I don’t know if I could hurt him – he’s like a brother to me. But I know he’d enjoy being in the ring. And why not against me? Friends can also fight sometimes, haha. “

You are all so incredibly big in Germany

What do you like about Germany?

“Whenever I’m in Germany, I have a great time. Germany used to be only a small part of our European tour. In the meantime we have our own Germany tour, on which we travel to four or five cities. We always have so much fun! All Germans are always very, very nice. There are so many beautiful corners. I like the food there. I wish we could spend more and more time there. I will definitely go on vacation to Germany one day. One thing struck me about Germany: you are all so incredibly tall! Haha, that’s really impressive! “

Since the interview takes place via video switch: Should I get up to show how tall I am.

“I’m sure you’re 6 foot 6. Haha.”

WWE Superstar Big E is actually called Ettore Ewen and lives in Tampa, where he was bornPhoto: WWE

Haha, that would be almost 2 meters. I’m not that big after all. I am 1.80. That’s 5 feet 11 in America.

“What? I’m that big too. Then not all Germans are huge … “


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