WWE event sinks in the rain: thunderstorm chaos at WrestleMania

There has NEVER been such a WrestleMania!

Not only was this the first WWE show with fans since the start of the coronavirus pandemic – it was the first to take place in the rain. Rain? A rainstorm!

Water fight at WrestleMania!

Before kick-off it was pouring out of buckets. But just in time for the kickoff show, the rain stopped in Tampa Bay.

Lucky Everyone thought.

The show started punctually at 8 p.m. local time with a speech by WWE boss Vince McMahon. But after the national anthem it was all over again.


A thunderstorm warning interrupted the show. The spectators were asked to move away from the indoor area. Absolute chaos! WWE improvised and broadcasts live interviews and segments from the backstage area. Without a script, without a script – a novelty!

After half an hour, the fans were allowed to go back to their seats. In the pouring rain.

The first hammer!

Then the show started with real fireworks. Bobby Lashley wanted to defend his WWE title against Drew McIntyre.

The Scot McIntyre had the better Pyro, but surprisingly could NOT win the title. He gave up at the “Hurt Lock” – a huge surprise! Bobby Lashley is still WWE Champion.


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