Words of caregivers: “The activity is still so intense”

“While at the national level the situation seems to be improving, we are not yet seeing the effects in the region. The activity is still as intense and we receive every day new requests for the care of patients after their hospitalization. Nevertheless, I am happy that the restrictions on freedom are easing a bit. I need to ventilate myself, to recharge my batteries to be able to give the essential in my work. My job is not reduced to drug prescriptions, far from it!

Sometimes I find myself faced with people who give up when faced with the difficulty of rehabilitation. Lately, a man of almost 80, very weakened by the Covid, told me: “I can’t take it anymore, leave me alone”. I took the time, one evening, to chat with him and I put all the cards in his hand. I explained to him that if we stopped the rehabilitation he would continue to weaken and his health would never improve. He was very calm in his bed he told me “I made my life, I’m fine like that. “ He displayed such peace, such serenity… I understood that it was his deep wish and that it had to be respected.

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At the same time, another gentleman gave me the same speech but I saw that he was in pain and I had the feeling that his judgment was impaired, that it was the pain that spoke for him. We have adapted his treatment. A few days later, I leaned out the window to contemplate a ray of sunshine in the park. I saw this patient outside with the physiotherapist, I waved my hand, thumb raised in encouragement. He answered me, with a smile. “


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