Words from caregivers: “The service nevertheless takes on a festive air”

“Do you remember the obese lady I told you about several times, with a lot of background?” She had been with us for a long time, and last week she was a little better, waking up very slowly. She sadly passed away this week.

The man who was waiting for a liver and kidney transplant, too. His lungs were badly damaged by the Covid-19. My colleague told me by text early Sunday afternoon that he was gone. I worked in the morning, this outcome was expected. We tried everything, increased the oxygen to the maximum, the cardiac drugs. Fortunately we were able to warn his wife and daughter, who were able to arrive on time after two hours on the road. Two deaths in the week is a lot. He was only 51 years old.

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We also admitted a Covid + lady from Mulhouse, because the resuscitation in Mulhouse was full. His case is encouraging. She is not intubated but only under Optiflow (“oxygen glasses” in the nose).

With my colleagues, we chat on Messenger (Facebook messenger), and we think about how we could improve the way we work. As the additional human resources will probably not arrive soon, we must find other solutions so that it is less heavy all the time. We will try to organize a dedicated service meeting in January.

Small changes in habits could save us time. For example, passing more drugs by mouth and not intravenously, studying with doctors the possibility of avoiding prescriptions every hour when it is playable, or else grouping the hours.

The work of nursing assistants can also be made easier, for example, when they do the roofs of cubicles (bring back new equipment, clean linen, etc.), by making sure to limit back and forth movements. The transmissions can also become more efficient, if we try not to spread out on incidental points. Somehow, having been overwhelmed made us realize the need to do things differently to make it more comfortable for everyone.

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Otherwise, the service still takes on a festive air. With the fund of donations from certain families, we bought a Christmas tree, decorations and light garlands. And during my few days off I will recharge my batteries near home by cross-country skiing and ski touring. The snowy landscapes are magnificent. So at the moment morale is pretty good. “


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