“Will my vaccination pass expire on February 15? »

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Indeed, the rules for obtaining the vaccination pass will change on Tuesday, February 15. Until this date, the delay for taking the booster dose was a maximum of 7 months after the last injection. From the 15th, it can be carried out from three months after the end of its initial vaccination schedule and up to 4 months maximum to justify a valid vaccination pass.

In other words, you risk losing your vaccination pass if you have not yet received your booster dose within 4 months after your last injection, although you are eligible for it. This only applies to people who are at least 18 years and one month old. 16-17 year olds are not required to carry out a booster vaccination to justify a pass, even if the Ministry of Health “strongly” recommends it.

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To see more clearly, the website of the health insurance offers to know the date from which it is possible to carry out its booster dose, but also to know with certainty when its vaccination pass will no longer be valid without this dose.

Period of validity of the certificate of reinstatement

Another change: the period of validity of the reinstatement certificate, which also increases to 4 months. This concerns people who have been infected with Covid-19 and who benefit from a vaccination pass. Currently, if they have not made their new injection after 6 months, the pass is deactivated. From February 15, it will no longer work after only 4 months. Be careful though, if you have been infected after having received two doses of vaccine, you will not have to carry out a booster dose.

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If you are concerned, your vaccination pass will be automatically deactivated. The QR Code of your old vaccination or recovery certificate will therefore no longer be valid for going to the cinema or entering a restaurant.

In total, between 3 and 5 million French people risk losing their vaccination pass if they do not do their booster dose, said government spokesman Gabriel Attal on Wednesday February 2.


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