Why French firms are internationalizing so much

DECRYPTION – They have 48,200 subsidiaries abroad, in more than 190 countries.

French companies are very present abroad. According to an INSEE study, published on Wednesday, they had 48,200 subsidiaries abroad in 2019, in more than 190 countries. The larger a firm, the more international it is. There are a multitude of reasons for these business strategies.

In any case, the business to be done and the markets to be conquered are much larger and more promising than within our borders. French multinational firms achieve, through their subsidiaries abroad, 1,395 billion euros in consolidated annual turnover, “Or half of the total consolidated turnover”, notes INSEE. Conquering foreign markets is so important that they have made 68.3 billion euros of tangible investments in their subsidiaries abroad.

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Setting up abroad also means, in some cases, reducing your salary costs.

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