“Who is likely to receive a fourth dose? Is it mandatory to validate the vaccination pass? »

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Currently, only immunocompromised people can receive a 4and dose, in accordance with the recommendations of the Vaccine Strategy Guidance Council. Their original full regimen already included three injections, not two. The health pass will remain valid, even without 4and dose. The Scientific Council plans to extend this campaign to people over the age of 12 living in their environment.

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If this possibility were to be extended, it would primarily concern the elderly, the most fragile and caregivers. It is possible that the youngest will be kept away from this new vaccination campaign. In Israel, where it is offered to people over 60, caregivers and immunocompromised people, “it is out of the question today to administer a fourth dose to people under 60”, reminded the immunologist Cyrille Cohen to the Parisian.

Uncertain effectiveness

As for the effectiveness of this third reminder, it remains debated. As the Scientific Council explains in its opinion of January 19, the experts are “awaiting solid scientific data” to determine the relevance of a 4and dose in people “old and frail”. The question of when this possible campaign would take place also arises: it should not start before March 2022.


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