When tech is interested in our well-being (with varying degrees of success)

It is 7:30 am a few days before the start of the school year, and in the twilight, Headspace meditation app wakes me from sleep. “Hundreds of people are taking care of their minds this morning. Want to join them? ” I’m wondering. And worries me: why was the imperceptible gong of a notification enough to wake me up? For the past week, I have been wearing a connected watch day and night that measures the quality of my sleep. And it’s not brilliant.

On my last graph, I saw that I had only slept six hours. If at least this rest was of good quality. Far from it: my time of deep sleep is ridiculous, my awakenings, frequent. No wonder I’m tired. In addition, the day before, I scrolled until late at night on Twitter. The Taliban, the Mu variant, the floods in New York… By midnight, my stress level had climbed to 75, on a scale of 0 to 100. That is to say.

So, to calm things down, I used the breathing function of my watch: inhale, exhale, hold my breath. A slight vibration on the wrist gives me the tempo, I relax. More effective than counting sheep, less addictive than a sleeping pill. Welcome to this benevolent world where tech, in the absence of a shrink, a priest or a yoga teacher, takes care of my well-being. At last ?

Covid crisis requires, until now, tech companies have instead focused on monitoring our vital parameters. A large reinforcement of tools clad with sensors to measure, one the

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