“When God approaches, an ejaculation always occurs”: A summer with… Salvador Dalí

Dear “Obs”,

I am ending my vacation in Port Lligat with the Dalís. My God, how cool this tape is. Besides, I must stop saying “my God” because Salvador explained to me yesterday, I quote, that“When approaching God, there is always an ejaculation”. I have nothing against ejaculations, but now it is noon and I especially intend to go swimming.

At the same time, perhaps Dali was joking. But hey, I don’t think so. Last night he and Gala told him that an octopus was going to come into the living room to serve the guests, I giggled to be like “I capture the humor of the casa », Except that afterwards, you will not believe it, an octopus indeed arrived with all the dishes at the same time. I’m pretty sure there was a subterfuge, because the octopus wasn’t even wet. And then, I do not see how a p

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