Werder Bremen: Will Ole Werner’s series last? Next goal spectacle beckons

Werder’s games have always been an eye-catcher – and that should also be the case on Saturday against Karlsruhe!

Because the new coach Ole Werner (33) guarantees spectacle. Werder scored 18 goals in five games under him – at least three per game. Most recently, the turbulent 4: 3 in Paderborn caused enthusiasm.

Does the Werner series last?

And even when ex-club Kiel went against Karlsruhe in the past, there were hits. Namely 16 in four games (only one Werner win).

Werder waves next goal spectacle!

Bremen’s coach: “I’ve dealt with KSC four times. The first time was just a dreary 2-0. It would be important to me – no matter what the numbers on the scoreboard are – that the number is a little higher for us than for the opponent…”

So increased risk of spectacle! In the first leg (0:0), however, both teams went empty-handed in front of the box. This is not to be expected now.

Werner: “Two teams meet that have their attacking qualities. The KSC packs a punch and goes well beyond standards. We must contain the enemy’s weapons. It should only be a one-sided spectacle.”

How good that Werder has also blossomed into a standard specialist. Curiously, thanks to goalkeeping coach Christian Vander, who now takes care of this area.

Werner explains: “He is in charge of preparing the standards for us. The fact that we have been very dangerous with it in the past few weeks is primarily due to him.”

Together with video analyst Sören Quittkat, Vander develops proposals that are then finally discussed with Werner. And that bears fruit! Werder scored after or directly after a standard in all five Werner games.

This is how the mega series with five wins came about, which Werder maneuvered back towards promotion. Does she keep going? Werner fears: “It will be more complicated because an opponent may be even more motivated to be the team that beats us again.”


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