Werder Bremen: Stadium only half full? Klaus Filbry warns of Ko

How bad is Werder’s financial situation really? Is there a threat of a point deduction? Could Bremen even manage another year in the second division? Interview with Werder boss Klaus Filbry (54).

BILD: There were lots of “Baumann out” shouts against Paderborn. Do you understand the fans?

Filbry: “There is great dissatisfaction there. That is absolutely understandable after a descent. But Frank does a good job, he and Clemens Fritz achieved very good transfer revenues in a very difficult market. The transfer market is very difficult. Nevertheless, we signed four players and took a pre-risk. After all, we didn’t know who was going to leave us. For me, Frank was wrongly pushed into a scapegoat role. “

BILD: You speak of a scapegoat role. As the chairman, why didn’t you take the opportunity to jump to his side at an early stage?

Filbry: “I also described the economic challenges very transparently from the start. That was also clearly addressed by me. “

BILD: Has the economic goal now been achieved after the sale of Maxi Eggestein?

Filbry: “We wanted to generate revenue of 30 million for the transfer phase. But that was taking into account that we can play under a full stadium. As can now be seen, this is not the case. So we’re not there yet, but we’ve almost achieved it. “

BILD: Frank Baumann made hints that could be understood to mean that the financial situation had worsened again in recent weeks. Is that right?

Filbry: “Due to Corona we are missing 35 million, due to the descent another 35 million. And we still don’t know when we can play at full load again. We took out loans, issued a bond and are now securing transfer proceeds. We have achieved our goal for now. But we realize that many fans are not moving fast enough with the redesign of the squad. “

BILD: What is the renovation plan like?

Filbry: “Nicolai Rapp in particular plays an important role in our planning for this season. But Nankishi, Woltemade, Schmid and Schmidt are also building blocks. It is clear that we still need qualitative reinforcements. But we still need patience. “

BILD: Which positions are being searched for?

Filbry: “It is no secret that searches are being carried out in the storm center and on the wings.”

BILD: Can or will Werder even afford a seven-figure fee for a player such as Kastrati?

Filbry: “I don’t want to name our scope of action. However, there will be no panic transfers with us. Everyone has to help us. “

BILD: The clock is ticking …

Filbry: “The squad can still be improved, but it is already competitive.”

BILD: It was necessary to close a liquidity gap by September 15, otherwise there is a risk of six points being deducted. Did that succeed?

Filbry: “The current season is financed by. There will be no point deduction. “

BILD: 21,000 spectators are currently admitted, but against Paderborn it was only 19,000. Are you disappointed?

Filbry: “We have vacation time, that certainly played a role. But we also have to whet the appetite for football again. We didn’t advertise Paderborn on our own behalf. We have to touch our own nose. “

BILD: How much money is lost due to the 50 percent capacity utilization of the stadium?

Filbry: “We have about 750,000 to 800,000 euros more shortfall in income per game than we had planned for this season.”

BILD: How much longer will that work?

Filbry: “Not very long. We will definitely make it through the season. But if people are not allowed into the stadium, only clubs will survive that have different structures and deep pockets to compensate for that. The other clubs won’t make it. “

BILD: The goal is to rebuild instead of resurrecting. Why is Werder not even trying to spark a positive mood?

Filbry: “We don’t have the athletic stability yet. There was an accumulation of individual mistakes and a clear defeat against Paderborn. It’s hard to spark euphoria. Our goal is, of course, to play at the top. Our own claim is to play first class. Of course we do not defend ourselves against the resurgence. But we have to accept and accept reality. “

BILD: Could Werder manage another year in the second division?

Filbry: “That would be feasible, but it would involve further cuts. We are preparing for this in planning. Another year in front of only half an audience is not feasible. We will not be able to do it.”

BILD: Where is there still potential for savings?

Filbry: “We turned every stone in the company. The striking example is always that the team is now taking the bus back from Karlsruhe, for example, and not flying. “

BILD: Did you start working on the large personnel apparatus after the descent?

Filbry: “We are not overly occupied, I have to disagree. We have a lower personnel key than Schalke or HSV. At one point or another we have reduced and certain positions have not been filled. Some of those were tough decisions. “

BILD: Investor topic. Why did none of the US money that you said poured into the market reach Werder?

Filbry: “That would have been very expensive money with high interest rate expectations and would not have made sense for the club. Many of these people are not the right partners for Werder. We first have to be stable in terms of sport and economy in order to discuss these issues further. “

BILD: So the topic has been ticked off for the time being?

Filbry: “It is very difficult to find the right partner. Short-term investor entry is unrealistic. Conversations often fail because of the influence of control. The general conditions in Germany rightly do not allow that. “

BILD: Is there a model that you like a lot?

Filbry: “It should be a minority shareholder with a long-term interest in wanting to develop the association further. Finding that in this day and age is difficult. “

BILD: There is a crunch in the supervisory board, Thomas Krohne has resigned. Elections are due in September, and there are also critical applicants. Are you afraid of your job?

Filbry: “The election committee has been doing its job for months. I have full confidence that very sensible candidates will be selected. Neither Frank, Hubertus nor I have a problem with working openly and constructively with the people on the supervisory board. “

BILD: Do you still enjoy your job at all?

Filbry: “The last two years have been a great challenge, we were relegated through our own fault. The pandemic came towards us through no fault of our own. Both issues were extremely burdensome. We are now on the right track economically, but we have to get back on track in terms of sport. “

BILD: Have you now reached an agreement with Florian Kohfeldt on a severance payment?

Filbry: “Florian is still under contract with us. At some point he will again be an exciting candidate for the coaching market. Then we will solve the issue sensibly. “

BILD: Would Werder benefit financially from Thomas Delaney’s move to Sevilla FC?

Filbry: “Participation in a resale only takes effect when the transfer amount at that time is exceeded. Therefore it is not realistic that we will get money from the transfer. “

BILD: How big is the budget for the 2nd division?

Filbry: “In one that allows us to play up there.”


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