Werder Bremen: Philipp Bargfrede rejected Werder comeback

And suddenly there is a fire at Werder again on the six …

Christian Groß injured for a long time, Ilia Gruev inexperienced – for exactly such cases, experienced Philipp Bargfrede (32) would be an option, but since last summer he has “only” played for the regional league team.

This is what coach Markus Anfang (47) thought and wanted the experienced midfielder (206 Bundesliga games) to play against Almelo (2-0) at the beginning of September so that he is prepared for the emergency that has now occurred . But it did not get to that.

Bargfrede rejected Werder comeback!

Beginning explains: “My idea was to have him as an experienced player for the test. So that he gets a feeling for how we let play and he can play the sixth position if something should happen to us. “

In a phone call from the beginning, Bargfrede made it clear that he no longer wanted to play for the professionals. Beginning: “He then said: ‘Coach, I’m sorry. I wish you all the best. But I’m not available for that. ‘ For me that’s perfectly fine. “

Extremely surprising. Because last year Bargfrede under ex-coach Florian Kohfeldt (38) returned from the 29th matchday and was in the squad until the bitter end against Gladbach, even celebrated a 26-minute comeback at Union Berlin (31st matchday) Bundesliga.

But after relegation, Bargfrede now sees his future only at Werders U23 …


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