Werder Bremen: More than 20 injured in space storm

Downer at Werder’s victory celebration!

Werder Bremen beat Jahn Regensburg 2-0 on the last day of the 2nd division match, making the club clear for promotion to the Bundesliga.

Shortly after the final whistle, there were wild cheering scenes in the Weser Stadium as the first fans in the Weser Stadium, which was sold out with 41,000 spectators, ran towards the pitch. With great difficulty, stewards kept the fans away from the players with a human chain and breakwaters.

When the ascent was perfect, all the dams broke. A mega party started in the Weser Stadium.

However: In the evening the police announced that more than 20 people were injured in the storming of the square. Several people even had to be hospitalized. The investigations are still ongoing

As early as midday, 12,000 supporters were on their way from the marketplace to the stadium to create a spirit of promotion.


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