Werder Bremen: Klaus Filbry criticizes ex-coach Florian Kohfeldt

How could that go wrong? Despite a lead of eleven points on the relegation place after 24 match days, Werder was relegated in the end. What a break-in!

Bremen only got one point from the last ten games. Werder seemed already saved after the 2-0 win in Bielefeld at the beginning of March.

Club boss Klaus Filbry (54) is looking for explanations for the disaster and ends up with ex-coach Florian Kohfeldt (38) …

He blames the dismissed coach for two mistakes in particular. Filbry at Regio TV’s “Academy Talk”: “The key experience was the situation after the Bielefeld game, which was interpreted in such a way that you can now play a different kind of football again, with a somewhat more offensive focus, and so stability was also neglected.”

In fact, after the perceived rescue, Kohfeldt had announced that he wanted to focus more on playful elements again from now on. In the weeks that followed, however, nothing of this was to be seen and Werder fell into the devastating negative spiral.

Ultimately, Kohfeldt was dismissed after the bankruptcy in Augsburg (0: 2) on the 33rd match day, through which Werder slipped into 16th place.

Filbry explains: “A very elementary mistake was the game in Augsburg, where we had an eleven-on-ten situation for ourselves and a yellow card from Christian Groß. We should have responded. It was a heated mood. We would have had to substitute there in order to avoid the yellow-red card. “

Werder could not use the early majority situation and later received a dismissal from Groß himself. The beginning of the end!

One thing is clear: Kohfeldt made mistakes. But the ex-coach alone is not to blame for the relegation. But the entire club leadership, which includes Filbry himself …


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