Werder Bremen: Didi Hamann: Kohfeldt separation in the summer would be the best

Ex-national player Dietmar “Didi” Hamann (47) is a secret Werder fan. Before the relegation final in Augsburg, the Sky expert speaks about the situation in the table cellar, his Bremen favorite Maxi Eggestein, the future of Florian Kohfeldt and a possible successor. The interview.

BILD: Mr. Hamann, after seven defeats in a row, Werder scored a point against Leverkusen. Are you still the weakest team in the basement?

Hamann: “Augsburg is in a similar situation, they thought they were safe. But they have two more points. The last two games against Leipzig and Leverkusen give hope. That’s why I’m optimistic. Also because of the experience from the previous year. “

BILD: A decisive advantage?

Hamann: “That gives you the confidence and conviction that you can pull it off. At that time you handled Cologne and then it got tight again against Heidenheim. I do believe that this experience is extremely valuable. They have that advantage over the others. “

BILD: Werder held on to coach Florian Kohfeldt despite the series of bankruptcies. Right decision?

Hamann: “There were probably more reasons to be fired last season. You better stand there, have it in your own hands. The people of Bremen always stood for being very loyal. I don’t think it’s wrong. Schalke has shown that a change of coach doesn’t always bring anything. “

BILD: Nevertheless, there are signs of a separation after the season. Comprehensible?

Hamann: “I think it is very likely and the right way forward that Werder will start the new season with a different coach. That would be the best for the club and Kohfeldt. It’s incredibly exhausting when you’ve been in a relegation battle for 18 months and have to answer the questions over and over again. It also becomes difficult to convey something to the players. You talk yourself sore at some point. “

BILD: How much has Kohfeldt’s good reputation suffered?

Hamann: “He will have offers. If you grew up in Bremen and are so closely connected to the club, it can be more of an obstacle than a blessing. Personal feelings play a role here. A certain distance is very beneficial. That would do him good. He learned a lot. You have to go through such phases. I don’t think his reputation has suffered much. Everyone knows that the people of Bremen are financially constrained. There will be some clubs that court him. “

BILD: Which type of coach would be a good fit for Werder?

Hamann: “I can’t imagine Edin Terzic staying in Dortmund’s coaching staff. But it is also traded in Leverkusen and Frankfurt. I like him very much. Werder is a special club. You need someone who understands the club and who takes everyone with them. You will certainly have already thought about it. “

BILD: It is noticeable that more and more coaches from the Red Bull empire are pushing into the league.

Hamann: “If you work for RB in other countries, you have a better chance of being successful. You have completely different options. This RB football with little possession of the ball does not fit in Bremen. I would not like to see a coach with an RB history at Werder. I take a critical view of the fact that we are getting more and more coaches with a Leipzig or Salzburg past. “

BILD: Back to the relegation battle. The focus should now be on physique and standards, less on playful elements. The right way?

Hamann: “Selke and Füllkrug have an uncanny presence that you have to use. In the end, it’s no longer about playing nicely. Development doesn’t matter. It depends on who wants it more. That gives me hope, because Werder made it up to me recently. “

BILD: Young players like Mbom, Schmid or Agu are now only replacements.

Hamann: “Now you need a team that makes few mistakes and can withstand the pressure. Older players make fewer mistakes. Agu, Mbom or Schmid did an excellent job. They will be an integral part in the next few years. “

BILD: Does the team have enough characters to survive?

Hamann: “Moisander, Augustinsson and Gebre Selassie have a lot of experience. Big is incredibly valuable to the team. With him in the starting line-up, Werder get more points. Selke and Füllkrug are responsible. You have not yet fulfilled what you had in mind. “

BILD: Does that also apply to Maxi Eggestein?

Hamann: “I’ve developed a soft spot for him. But now he has to step into the breach. He’s 24 and no longer a talent. It didn’t turn out the way I expected. Maybe a change of air would do him good. He would have to play for Germany at some point. I don’t want to judge him too harshly. But he’s at an age where he has to go ahead. “

BILD: Christian Groß made the leap from the regional league to the Bundesliga at the age of 30. A strange development?

Hamann: “Respect for what he has done. But the other players also have to ask themselves: How can that be? Am I really playing at the limit? He came from the regional league and is almost the most important defensive player. “

BILD: Does his rise say a lot about the transfer policy of the last few years?

Hamann: “I’ll leave it open whether you have to fetch a filling mug with his injury history. Of course, players were brought in who shouldn’t necessarily have been signed. “

BILD: What does Werder have to prepare for in the relegation final in Augsburg?

Hamann: “Relegation battle is extreme in terms of mental stress. It’s about existences. I can understand that the legs get a little heavier on the bus. But because of the experience from last year, I’m in good spirits that they won’t lose. “

BILD: Which Augsburgers should Werder watch out for?

Hamann: “Niederlechner has more self-confidence again. Vargas and Richter are two tricky players. The strength of the Augsburgers has always been that they have eaten other teams willing to run. If Bremen take up the fight, I don’t think they have the worse footballers. “

BILD: From your point of view, Werder will save itself. What makes you so confident?

Hamann: “I don’t think Cologne will win in Berlin, 33 points are possible at most. Bielefeld plays against Hoffenheim and Stuttgart, they won’t get four points. If Werder get two, they are safe 16. With a win they can even save themselves. You have two match balls. “

BILD: You are a secret Werder fan. What would relegation mean for you?

Hamann: “I grew up in the early 1980s. The game of the year was always Werder against Bayern. Everyone remembers the missed Kutzop 911. The league would be missing something. One can only hope that it doesn’t turn out like that … “


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