Werder Bremen: Decision by March: The poker for the Werder chest

The Corona crisis put Werder in serious financial difficulties. To date, the pandemic is a major challenge for the club. But bailout loans (20 million) and a medium-sized company loan (18 million) saved Werder from bankruptcy. Nevertheless, further millions of revenues are mandatory in the future.

The contract with the main sponsor Wiesenhof (since 2012) is one of the current causes. Even after the relegation, Werder should still collect about 4 million euros annually from the PHW group. However, the contract expires in the summer. And whether Wiesenhof will continue is anything but certain.

The poker for the Werder chest!

Club boss Klaus Filbry (55) to BILD: “We are currently in a voting process and are in contact with several interested parties. One of them is Wiesenhof. After such a long partnership, they are also our first point of contact.”

In addition to Wiesenhof, two companies from two different sectors are also in the running. So which sponsor will Werder wear on their chests from the summer? According to BILD information, it should be clear by the end of March who it will be.

In addition to a new main sponsor, Werder could wave financial support elsewhere in the future. Because: Stadium sponsor Wohninvest is considering using the interior of the Weser Stadium with its new business model (Brainhouse247).

It is possible to rent it out purely as office space for companies or even to participate in the Bremen Weserstadion GmbH (BWS). That would relieve Werder (like the city with a 50% stake in BWS). The club currently has to pay around 6 million per year to service the conversion loan. Participating in or renting out the interior would bring fresh money. It is not yet clear if and when this will be the case.


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