Werder Bremen: Boban Aleric: This kit manager is the screamer

When he roars, an entire stadium trembles! Werder’s kit manager Boban Aleric impressively deployed his loud organ in the 1-1 draw in Munich against Bayern.

Aleric clouded over almost the entire season, commenting loudly on almost every action in the game. Even coach Florian Kohfeldt (38), who is known for his roaring inserts, cannot keep up.

Boban is cloudy near Bremen!

The substitute players and the support staff gave full throttle in the stands in the Allianz Arena under the screeching Boban. Bayern coach Hansi Flick (55) reacted irritated: “What kind of yelling is that here?”

Werder’s reserve player (warming up behind the gate as usual) also yelled Bölk-Boban for a substitute from almost 100 meters away without any problems, then threw them the fresh jerseys from the stands.

Aleric is actually a kit manager, replacing club legend Fritz Munder, who was retiring, since last year. He takes this job very seriously too!

Aleric acted as a clothes rack, handed over his warm bobble hat and jacket to the replaced Leo Bittencourt at just above zero degrees.

But that voice never freezes!


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