Wen Zhao Luan is grateful to his wife

Hong Kong actor Wen Zhao Luan said he was grateful that his wife was 20 years younger than him to help both have faith in marriage.

Follow HK0158-year-old actor and Trieu Dinh have been married for nine years, the family is harmonious and peaceful. On his personal page, he sometimes posts videos with his wife, expressing his love for her. On June 25, Trieu Luan wrote: “We had quarrels, cold wars, but there was not a time when I didn’t love her.”

On Trieu Luan with his wife and daughter. Video: Douyin/Wen Zhaolun

Cast Meaning of intolerance grateful to Trieu Dinh for loving him unconditionally, encouraging him when he is down and bored. Follow OnWen Trieu Luan had a period of investment losses, indebtedness, or debt collection.

Thanks to Trieu Dinh, On Trieu Luan believes in marriage and is happy after two breaks. His biggest goal is to be a good father, to make his wife happy. Wen Zhao Lun – Trieu Dinh has a daughter, the family lives in mainland China. He once said: “Being with my wife, I don’t know what to ask for more, I have no regrets in life.”

In recent years, Wen Zhao Luan has rarely acted in movies, but has participated in many livestreams for clothing, bag and shoe stores, sometimes as a guest on a TV show. Last year, the actor was mocked by a part of the audience when he livestreamed selling tampons and many products for women.

Wedding picture On Trieu Luan - Trieu Dinh.  Photo: Sohu

Wedding picture On Trieu Luan – Trieu Dinh. Image: Sohu

On his personal page, On Trieu Luan said he was not ashamed to be ridiculed. He wrote: “Someone will laugh at me for buying tampons for my wife. But it’s even more funny when men don’t know what kind of wife they use. Care and love are not from words but with actions. Sir, take a look at yourself.”

Wen Zhaolun had two wives, the first marriage lasted four years. In 2002, he got married a second time but filed for divorce the same year.

On Trieu Luan sings the soundtrack of the film Nghia does not tolerate love

Wen Trieu Luan sings the soundtrack of the movie “Inconceivable Meaning”. Video: Cantonpop Music.

Zhao Luan joined TVB in 1986, was a top star in Hong Kong in the 1990s, with many films such as Meaning of intolerance, Blood of good and evil, Broken focus, Niu Lang Zhi Nu, Red rose, Loc Dinh Ky 1992

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