Wedding day, road trip, lantern singing – that’s what the VfL stars drove on their mini vacation

As a reward for the recent strong performance, Bochum’s trainer Thomas Reis (48) has now given his boys a three-day break. And everyone used them in their own way!

▶ ︎ Manuel Riemann (33) was with his son at Martinssingen – including a red lantern. Fortunately, the table is far away for the twelfth player in the league …

▶ ︎ Sebastian Polter (30) and Silvere Ganvoula used the time to shop. While Ganvoula posed heavily packed in front of a Puma store, Polter searched with his fiancée Ilena Kristien in Düsseldorf for furniture.

▶ ︎ Two VfL stars went on a road trip with their partners: Soma Novothny (27) ended up in Budapest, his Hungarian homeland. Danilo Soares (30) to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

▶ ︎ Enjoyed a special partner day Simon Zoller (30). Bochum’s injured striker celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary Laura Wontorra (32).

▶ ︎ Thomas Reis on the other hand, can’t leave football! With wife Carina Grendel (30) he watched the fourth division game between Rot-Weiss Essen and Lotte (3: 1).

On Monday we went back well rested to the new training week!


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