Water too warm in Tokyo – “We paddle in the whirlpool at the Olympics”

Our slalom canoeists cook!

Hannes Aigner (32), who won bronze in London in 2012, swore after training on the Olympic course in Tokyo: “The water is way too warm. It’s like paddling in a hot tub. “

World champion Andrea Herzog (31) also complains: “The water is just as warm as the outside temperature, you don’t notice any difference.”

And the air in Tokyo heats up to 34 degrees. The Kasai Canoe Slalom Center was created artificially, is 200 meters long, ten meters wide and an average of only one and a half meters deep.

Herzog: “Usually the water cools us down, that doesn’t happen here.” And that saps the body’s strength. In addition, the water becomes softer and the athletes no longer feel such an impression.

Sports director Jens Kahl: “We have also set up extra cool boxes on the track so that the athletes can cool off with towels in between.”

Although the canoeists flew to Japan for training over two weeks ago, the warm temperatures are unusual for them. Herzog: “When we arrived it was still monsoon, it rained every day and we sometimes trained in long things.”

Now it will be a heated battle for the medals.


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