Watch out, Jogi! – We have to worry about standards

After the Portugeil victory, Germany made it to the EM tournament in full. Nevertheless, there are discussions in the team. Because for the title we have to do one thing a lot better.

We are too CAREFREE about the standards!

All three goals conceded by the German team so far fell after the ball was inactive for the opponent!

Co-trainer Marcus Sorg (55), who is responsible for corners, free kicks and throw-ins, announced before the tournament: “We want to work in detail. Because these details decide the games. ”

And Jogi Löw made it clear: “With standards we got too many goals and made too few of them. There is absolutely room for improvement. We must attach particular importance to this. “

That is why he and his coaching team spent a lot of training time on corners and free kicks in the preparation camp in Seefeld.

Still, we weren’t up to speed in the two European Championship games.

France: The goal of the French fell after a throw-in in which the German defense around Antonio Rüdiger defended incorrectly. Hummels ultimately scored in his own goal.

Portugal I: The Portuguese leadership was preceded by an OWN corner. The assignment was wrong at the back, Portugal was suddenly outnumbered. And Ronaldo scored 1-0.

Portugal II: Before 4: 2, a Moutinho free kick sailed across the penalty area, and Ronaldo’s rook slammed Jota in from a short distance.

Even after the Portuguese scored two goals, the German players discussed the assignment of the standards with a lot of gestures on the pitch. None of this really seems grounded in yet.

Sure: national coach Jogi Löw MUST get the standard weakness under control as soon as possible. He made it a big topic even before the Portugal game.

Joshua Kimmich: “The coach had pointed out to us beforehand that Portugal would be dangerous with standards. It is not always that easy to get quickly from the standard formation to the normal basic formation. ”

And Matthias Ginter says: “We conceded three different goals according to standards. After a throw-in, a corner for us and a free-kick flank. We have trained a lot, but we have to keep going. “

So that the dream of the title doesn’t burst against Hungary …


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