Vietnamese women in paintings of painters of the Indochina period

French auction house Aguttes opened the session “Asian Artists, Important Works” on June 3, with two paintings: Modern Chinese Art and 20th Century Indochina Painting. In which, many paintings by famous celebrities Vietnamese painter from Indochina Fine Arts College. Art researcher Ngo Kim Khoi said the works had a clear origin and history, according to the auction house’s source. According to Mr. Khoi, women are the eternal subject of artists and also a favorite topic of collectors. Therefore, paintings of women often fetch high prices.

The painting “Outdoor” was sold for 794,720 euros (about 19.7 billion VND) – the highest in the whole session. Painting with ink and color on silk, size 73×53.8 cm was painted by Mai Trung Thu around 1940-1945. The work depicts two women wearing ao dai sitting on the grass: one looking up at the sky, the other attentively reading a book. The artist embellished some typical Vietnamese items, such as cushions for handrails and wooden objects for storing objects. The auction house wrote: “With delicate bun hair, red lips, the two women through Mai Trung Thu’s drawings are extremely elegant and sophisticated.” The work was acquired by the collector at an exhibition in Paris in 1946.

According to the auction house’s documents, the artist washed silk many times, bringing softness, flexibility and delicate lines to the work. In an interview at the Paris Institute’s gallery, on the occasion of the exhibition “Mai Thu – Vietnamese people in Paris, silk painter”, Mai Trung Thu said about silk painting technique: “Silk must be woven entirely by silk, it’s so thin and light. The drawing can be sketched with charcoal or pencil. The colors used are watercolor, glue or powder. When drawing, it is necessary to apply force to the color to penetrate the fabric. is to use a brush for oil painting.The painting will then be washed with water. After washing, the color becomes lighter and more harmonious. Care must be taken when handling because the silk peels off and it is difficult to reattach. “.


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