Vietnamese boy is famous for his flower-shaped hair curling skills

Nguyen Phat Tri is well known for his unique hair works in the shape of flowers, balls, pigeons…

On March 2, Phat Tri shared on his personal page a video recording the process of creating a dove-shaped hairdo, wishing to spread love and a message of peace. The work received 2,172 likes on Instagram with many compliments from friends and fans.

A peach blossom-shaped hairstyle by Nguyen Phat Tri. Photo: Instagram Nguyen Phat Tri

Pigeon hair model is one of Phat Tri’s designs in the past two years. He is well known for his hair works that shape many flowers such as lotus, hibiscus… To make elaborate patterns, he sketches, calculates layout, shapes, finds materials and accessories. and styled on real hair.

* Unique hair samples of Nguyen Phat Tri

The time to complete the work depends on the difficulty and ease of each pattern. In January, on the international news site SCMP, Phat Tri said that there are works he made in 1-2 days, but there are samples for 2-3 months. With the lotus sample, it took him two months to find ingredients from bookstores, souvenir shops or markets and 5-7 days of experimentation to succeed.

Nguyen Phat Tri creates flower-shaped hair

Nguyen Phat Tri shared about the work of creating hair models on SCMP newspaper. Video: SCMP

Nguyen Phat Tri is 28 years old, graduated in Biotechnology, An Giang University in 2015, currently studying makeup and hairdressing in Ho Chi Minh City. He considers creating unique hair styles a pleasure, helping himself hone his skills when doing hair for clients. The job requires many nights of staying up late, getting up early, but Phat Tri has never felt bored or discouraged. In his spare time, he tinkers with himself, composes new models, and thickens his unique hair collection.



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