Viet Trinh: ‘Simple living is happiness’

At the age of 49, Viet Trinh is happy to eat fruits and vegetables grown by herself, and spend time with her son after stopping working.

Viet Trinh announced her retirement on January 6, causing many viewers to regret. The artist said it was not easy to make a decision because he still loves his job.

How long have you been thinking about this?

– It took me a year to make the decision not to act or direct anymore. I stopped working as an artist twice, that’s when the commercial film industry went downhill after filming Tay Do beauty and give birth. This time I stopped completely and did not return. If there is, I will only continue to produce unfinished projects such as the work of the late director Le Cung Bac or appear in programs related to acting and beauty.

Viet Trinh was a famous actor in the 1990s with films such as: “Pearl in the rock”, “Why are you in a hurry to get married”, “Ty Do Beauty”… Having met many emotional turbulences, the artist withdrew from entertainment for a while. In 2010, the beauty returned to artistic activities and tried herself as a director, collaborated with screenwriter Chau Tho to make a number of films, including “Return” consisting of three parts and the movie “Trot Love” (2015)..

Many artists wish to remain attached to the profession until the last moment of their life, why did you stop early?

– Artists are fortunate to be attached to the profession until the end of their lives. Currently, I can still play older roles, supporting roles as long as it is suitable. But time and family circumstances do not allow. I raised my son alone, I couldn’t go to the movies all the time, leaving my son at home. As an actor, director, sometimes I run across the province for a few months or a whole week. I don’t want Thien Nhan to feel lonely and abandoned because her mother is busy. My son entered puberty, a very vulnerable, rebellious age. The baby’s physiology at this stage is constantly changing, if there is no adult beside to adjust and remind, it will be very dangerous. Babies need someone to talk to, not just take care of meals and sleep.

In addition, two years of the epidemic, I witnessed many losses. My adoptive mother and many colleagues died of Covid-19. I realize the presence of loved ones is very important. For me now, my son is everything, the most important asset. When I talked about retirement, Thien Nhan asked: “Without acting and directing, where do you get the money to take care of your family and pay for your children’s school fees?”. I did not expect him to be more mature and thoughtful than I thought.

Viet Trinh said that she is happy when she lives a simple life.  Photo: Facebook Viet Trinh

Viet Trinh said that she is happy when she lives a simple life. Photo: Facebook Viet Trinh

What do you regret when you parted with your 30-year career?

– Many nights I had trouble sleeping, tossing and turning because of the nostalgia for the memories of the same role, the love that my colleagues, the director, and the audience had for me. I have been passionate about the profession since I was 8, 9 years old. While watching the movie Pham Cong Cuc Hoa, I went home to pick noodle leaves to make a necklace, and used a clothesline as a stage curtain to imitate the character. When I become an actor, I always give my best for each role, dedicating to the audience. I regret the above, but not the glory of the profession.

After going through many ups and downs, what is your conception of happiness now?

– In the past, happiness for me was being able to dress well, ride a car, stay at home. I am very eager to win, always want to be better than others. Even when I’m filming a movie, seeing a pretty girl, I don’t want them to be prettier than me. When I came to Buddhism, I had the Dharma name Dieu Thien. I shortened my life and lived quietly.

My happiness now is very simple – eating fruits and vegetables grown by myself. I usually harvest when the fruit is just ripe, eat them happily, feel the sour, acrid taste that I didn’t realize before. I take the time to feel everything. For example, when meditating, listening to the sound of the wind rustling, the milkweed leaf sparkles in the sunlight. Those images and sounds create a wonderful natural music that no other technology can do. After a good night’s sleep, I am happy to realize that all parts of my body are healthy. During the pandemic, I felt happy when I entered my house even though it was not a luxury villa, lying on the wooden bed I kept for more than 10 years. To me, happiness happens all around us, not somewhere far away.

How is your life right now?

– I don’t think about the past, look forward to the future, but live for the present. In addition to selling frames online, my friends and I cooperated to do some unnamed work, so it was enough to support mother and daughter.

Whenever I talk to a familiar monk, I say: “Teacher, I’m very busy these days”. The monk said, “You are busy, not busy” which made me realize many things. At the age of 49, I want to take time to relax, take care of myself and the people I love. When my children grow up, I will form a group of close friends to visit the temple or attend meditation classes.

Hong Anh, Viet Trinh in "Tay Do beauty"

Viet Trinh in the movie “Tay Do Beauty”. Video: TFS

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