VIDEO. Is Netflix killing the couple?

During the lockdown, the video-on-demand platforms were in full swing. Films, series, documentaries, everything was there to entertain and occupy the days of people condemned to remain cloistered in their homes.

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Among them, couples who have indulged in binge-watching, or the art of consuming a series, episode by episode, at high speed. At a time when everything can be obtained easily and very quickly, without moving from his sofa, “La Croix” was interested in the perverse effect of these platforms, within the couple.

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The couple’s health in question

For Aurore Malet-Karas, doctor in neuroscience and sexologist, “Watching Netflix, a platform or even television is not necessarily bad in itself for the couple.” The specialist even sees a beneficial effect: “ to have derivative like the series, that can help to calm certain tensions ”. Contrary to popular belief, the sex therapist believes that indulging in the pleasure of television series can help “To exchange, discuss, debate” and share a “Common passion. “

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However, Aurore Malet-Karas warns: “Video platforms can compete with love and erotic life”. And to explain: “If we go into a use that is excessive, addictive, when there will be only one of the two partners who will watch alone, or when we will watch series to avoid having discussions, then it can be problematic . “

The impact of series on love life

Have series revolutionized our relationship with love? For Aurore Malet-Karas, the latter only do “Follow the evolution of society” “They reflect changes, the evolution of mores, but they will not revolutionize anything in themselves. ”

On the other hand, the platforms highlight certain aspects of these changes, accelerating and sometimes supporting these changes. Numerous series on sex education, or video content highlighting trans, gay and lesbian people have thus emerged, allowing a generation to take responsibility and feel fully at home in society. “We talked very little about sexuality in series and films, one or two generations ago, when now it’s overrepresented”, explains the specialist.


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