VfL Wolfsburg: Max Kruse makes the departure to Miami – first as a vacationer

Can you feel the Wolfsburg coach quake as far as America?

Florian Kohfeldt (39) surprisingly had to leave VfL on Sunday. Just a few hours earlier, his favorite student Max Kruse also took off. But voluntarily!

The striker star got on the plane with his wife Dilara and traveled to the USA – with a six-hour layover in New York. Then it was on to Florida.

Kruse makes the departure

Wolfsburg’s unofficial entertainment officer landed in Miami early Monday morning. No random target. His ex-wife and son Lauro Maxim live here. The little one is already playing with the Dutch Lions FC juniors.

It is conceivable that Papa Max will eventually appear for a Miami club. But then probably more at Beckham-Club Inter. This is where top star Gonzalo Higuain (34/before Real Madrid, Juventus, Chelsea) ends his career.

Kruse and Inter? That’s not unlikely. It’s no secret that the cult football player dreams of America.

“I can imagine leaving Germany completely. In any case, the USA will be a stop at the end of his career,” Kruse once revealed. “I love America as a country.”

The question arises: from when USA? After Kohfeldt left Wolfsburg, his big sponsor is gone. And so that a trainer who let Kruse get away with a lot also tolerated his “training zeal”.

it remains to be seen whether the Kohfeldt successor is also a Kruse fan. Or will suggest a change. If the latter is the case, America will no longer be just a vacation destination.


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