VfL Bochum’s captain Losilla is enthusiastic: »Our fans are top class!

“And when you come to a stadium, blue and white flags are blowing. That can only be the Bochumers, yes the fans from VfL! “

Almost in a continuous loop, the 3,000 Bochum supporters who had traveled with them whipped their team in Leverkusen with this song. And the VfL players? They adapted to the first-class performance, stood up to Bayer’s top team and only lost 1-0.

Delighted by the fans: Captain Anthony Losilla!

When asked by BILD, the veteran (35) replied: “We have fantastic support from our fans. Not only abroad, like now in Leverkusen, also in home games. But it is really amazing how numerous fans go everywhere. Many an away game feels like a home game. “

In the game, captain Anthony Losilla fought, after which he applauded the fans who had traveled with himPhoto: Norbert Schmidt

Especially in the fight to stay in the league, they can tip the scales:

“Our fans are the support that we will also need in this difficult season. It is important that you remain optimistic even if things don’t go that way. If they keep pushing us then we can achieve great things. “

The fact is: If VfL continues to deliver on the pitch as it did last, this support should be guaranteed!


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