VfL Bochum: Secret plan at VfL: Now the company begins to rise

Outwardly, the word “ascent” is taboo. In Bochum, after various failed attempts to return to the elite league (relegation 2010), they keep a low profile.

But internally, the team, the coaching team and the board of directors vowed: We want to finally do it this season.

Secret plan at VfL: The company’s ascent begins on Saturday.

With a home win against Darmstadt (1 p.m., Sky and BILD.de live ticker), the ambitions should be underlined. Coach Thomas Reis (47): “The games in January are trend-setting. Against Darmstadt it is important to make a start. We want to stay at the top, if that succeeds, we will probably be there until the end. That is the goal. And I always set myself high goals … “

The word “ascent” is skilfully avoided. Nevertheless, it is clear what is meant. With manager Sebastian Schindzielorz (41) it sounds like this: “We want to transport the euphoria, intensity and quality of 2020 into 2021.”

Almost always made the right decisions in difficult times: VfL manager Sebastian SchindzielorzPhoto: picture alliance / dpa

In order to finally be able to celebrate the return to the Bundesliga in May in Bochum after eleven years of abstinence!


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