VfL Bochum: Lion courage and Polter spirit: That’s how Reis Frankfurt wants to crack

The brilliant 3: 1 of Eintracht in the Europa League against Piraeus analyzed Bochum’s trainer Thomas Reis (48) on TV: “We have to work hard …”

But in the Bundesliga, the capricious Hessians have not yet been able to call up constant performances. The 2: 1 at Bayern was followed by a 1: 2 against Hertha

With the courage of the lion and the spirit of a bogeyman: This is how Reis wants to crack the unity.

In order to be on a non-relegation zone after the Sunday game (7.30 p.m., DAZN), Reis has come up with something: “We have come up with a plan. Would like to gold the victory in Fürth. But it won’t be easy. “

Two of his professionals play a crucial role: playmaker Eduard Löwen (24) and storm ace Sebastian Polter (30).

Reis expects more courage, determination and straightforward play from Löwen: “He doesn’t have to do anything crazy, he should concentrate on his passports and qualifications. Then he can help us even more. “

And Polter? The 1.92m tall attacker only snapped on his VfL debut and scored the 2-0 against Mainz.

At Sebastian Polter, trainer Thomas Reis (left) takes a very close lookPhoto: TEAM2sportphoto

Reis expects more flashes of inspiration from him: “Polter also has plenty of room for improvement. But I’m sure that he only needs one hit to get rolling! ”Maybe on Sunday evening …


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