VfL Bochum: Is that going well ?: Reis is still waiting for a new contract

This man makes VfL fans dream again. Thomas Reis (47) turned a stumbling relegation candidate into a brilliant candidate for promotion in just 16 months.

If the next home win against Nuremberg is achieved on Saturday (1 p.m., Sky and BILD.de live ticker), VfL is even the front runner for at least 55 hours.

Is that going well? Reis is still waiting for a new contract.

Eight player contracts will expire in June 2021. Only with Bockhorn can the club take an option. But not with the successful trainer …

Manager Sebastian Schindzielorz (41), however, remains calm: “We’re talking. If there is something personal to report, we will contact you! “

The fact is: Talks with Schindzielorz and Reis consultant Maikel Stevens (38) are actually taking place. But so far without any results …

Perhaps the successful work of Reis (“I started a good development at VfL”) is valued more at other clubs than in Bochum.

Thomas Reis scored 1.68 points on average in 47 games with VfL – a record of successPhoto: picture alliance / RHR-FOTO

According to rumors, the name Reis is said to have been mentioned several times in Hoffenheim …


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