VfL Bochum: Goalkeeper Manuel Riemann – “I’ve fulfilled my lifelong dream!”

With Bochum in the Bundesliga!

For Manuel Riemann (32) a lifelong dream has come true with the rise. In an exclusive interview, the goalkeeper tells how VfL can survive in the first division, which duel he is looking forward to the most and what he would like to do after his career.

BILD: You often curse yourself very loudly during training. Why do you take yourself so hard?

Manuel Riemann (32): “It just happens. In training I notice things more often because the number of repetitions is higher than in the game. If I can’t hold a ball during a repetitive exercise, it annoys me. “

You have been with VfL since 2015. How have you changed during this time?

“If someone were to strap me on a microphone while I was playing, it would certainly not be proof that I was calmer. Basically, I’m no longer so impulsive, I have better control over myself. “

What does it mean to you to have made it to the Bundesliga with Bochum?

“That was my lifelong dream. I’m one of only a handful of 36 goalkeepers in the first and second division who has been a regular goalkeeper for over eight or nine years. I am proud of that. But as a child I didn’t say that I always wanted to play the second division. I want to play with the best in Germany. Now I’ve got there and of course I don’t want to leave. “

How can VfL survive in the Bundesliga?

“As a team. If an individual thinks he has to look good, then we have no chance. We have to function brutally as a community, have to stand together. Not only on the field, but also off the field. Next year, other teams will have a lot more quality. That’s why it’s only possible if we take courage, even if something goes wrong. “

Riemann in a training camp conversation with BILD reporter Kilian GaffreyPhoto: RHR-FOTO

Is it easier because most of the team stayed together after the promotion?

“Basically yes. Everyone knows what makes the other tick. But I still think we could use a bit of Bundesliga quality here and there. Players who know this league and know what is important. “

Which duel are you most looking forward to in the Bundesliga?

“Especially for games on Saturdays at 3:30 p.m. I’m looking forward to the game in Gladbach, of course, because most of my family and friends live there. I also always wanted to play in front of this yellow wall in Dortmund. That will be mega. I’m also looking forward to the duel with Lewandowski. But I also want to see the games in Mainz, Wolfsburg or anywhere else. “

Schalke has been relegated, VfL is now number 2 in the pot behind Dortmund. Is that also possible in the long term?

“We have only just beaten BVB (laughs / 3: 1 in the test in Duisburg, editor’s note). Joking aside, that’s not what we’re talking about. If we were to play in the Bundesliga for the next eight years, always occupy places ten to fifteen and number three in the pot because Schalke rose again, I don’t care. The point now is to build a foundation so that it might be a little easier to spend a few euros more on a player. “

Is Union Berlin a good role model for your mission?

“Definitely. They are now in their third year in the Bundesliga, have always played a good role in the second division and managed well. That can be a good example for us. “

Are you ending your career at VfL?

“I don’t want to answer that with either yes or no. Football is so fast moving. But it is certainly possible. In principle, I don’t have to leave Bochum anymore. A lot has to fit somewhere else that I give up on this. I am very grateful to the club that they brought me home in 2015. With this club I have fulfilled my lifelong dream. “

Do you already have plans for a life after your active career?

“I want to stay with football. At the beginning of the relationship with my wife, she said that I had to go to university. I’m not someone who can do that. I am practical. For two or three years I have been working intensively as a trainer. It’s not always easy for our trainer because sometimes I think like one. “


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