VfL Bochum: Fürth coach Leitl ignites: “VfL has more pressure than us!”

The first four of the table are among themselves on this game day. Bochum (1st) has to play in Fürth (3rd) Saturday (1 p.m., Sky). In the first half of the season VfL had no chance, losing 2-0 at home …

Fürth’s trainer Leitl ignites: “Bochum has more pressure than us!”

At VfL everyone is aware that as a front runner you will be chased by everyone. Trainer Thomas Reis (47): “When you are at the top, everyone wants their place. Anyone can try. But if we continue to have this greed for more, it will be difficult to get us out of there. “

Fürth tries it with head coach Stefan Leitl (43): “We have no pressure at all. That is more in Bochum. They really want to go up. We are optimistic that we will win the game! “

Do you have reason to congratulate yourself on Saturday? VfL coach Thomas Reis (left) and playmaker Robert ZuljPhoto: TEAM2sportphoto

VfL playmaker Robert Zulj (29) picks up the ball: “I’m glad we’re first. My incentive is to widen the gap to the other teams … “


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