VfL Bochum disgraced FC Bayern! Julian Nagelsmann: “That was grits!”

What a sensation from Bochum, what a humiliation for FC Bayern! The climber wipes away the record champions 4:2! Deep in the west, as Herbert Grönemeyer sings in the “Bochum” anthem, this time Bayern are …

Joshua Kimmich bursts his collar on the Sky microphone: “This is not the first time this has happened to us. That has already happened in Gladbach. We have to be careful there. We have missed all virtues. We have to ask ourselves if that’s the mentality at FC Bayern.”

As a reminder: Bayern made a fool of themselves in the DFB Cup in Gladbach with 0: 5. The league bankruptcies against Frankfurt, Augsburg and Gladbach were against teams that were in the bottom of the table.

Kimmich: “It happens too often. I don’t know that from us in the past, that we concede four or five goals several times.”

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann: “I’m talking about myself today, not about the players. If Josh means it, there must be some truth to it.”

Nagelsmann on BamS request: “At half-time everyone probably expected me to be very loud. But I switched and showed scenes. If you’re 4-1 down in Bochum, you don’t have to yell as a coach. Everyone must know that that was not enough. Every player at a certain level has to sit there and think: That was grits what we did for 45 minutes.” And complained about a “crappy game”.

Curious start: The power went out on Castroper Straße.

The 8,500 fans in the stadium have to do without Herbert Grönemeyer’s beloved “Bochum” anthem. The scoreboard is dead until the 20th minute.

On the field, the Bochumers briefly go out. Robert Lewandowski scores to make it 0-1 (9th). VfL strikes back.

► 14 minutes: Holtmann sprints past Upamecano on the flank and crosses into the middle. Süle Antwi-Adjei leaves far too much space there. From 14 meters he pulls into the corner. 1:1!

► 38 minutes: Upamecano deflects a Holtmann cross with his arm in his own penalty area. He’s on the line, but it’s also part of the penalty area. Locadia converts the penalty. 2:1!

► 40 minutes: What a dream goal! Gamboa tunnels Coman, gets the ball on the edge of the box after a one-two. Unstoppable in the corner. 3:1!

The goal scorer: “The first Bundesliga goal against Bayern of all places – that’s a dream!”

That’s how Bochum’s goal frenzy began: Christopher Antwi-Adjei (r.) gave substitute keeper Sven Ulreich (l.) no chance at 1-1Photo: TEAM2sportphoto

► 44 minutes: The next dream goal! Holtmann tunnels Upamecano and also dances out of Kimmich. He also hits the corner from the sixteen corner. 4:1!

Bochum captain Anthony Losilla: “That was a great game for us!”

Bayern last conceded four goals during the break in November 1975. Even in the “game of the century” between Bochum and Bayern, they were “only” 3-0 down at the break (a 6-5 win in the end).

Nagelsmann surprisingly switched to a back four after the Leipzig game: “There was a plan that didn’t work out. I should have reacted faster. I did that too late.” At the break, he replaced the overwhelmed Upamecano (Bams score 6) and switched.

The Bayern coach apparently already suspected the approaching disaster: “We trained very badly yesterday and we had a similar tension in the first half today. Bochum was poisonous and we were the opposite in all phases.”

Bayern makes the connection through Lewandowski (75th). He can no longer prevent the humiliation! On Wednesday, the Champions League continues in the round of 16 at Salzburg.


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