VfL Bochum: After a cruciate ligament rupture – Simon Zoller thinks about this scene every day!

In September, Bochum striker Simon Zoller (30) tore his cruciate ligament. Now the striker speaks for the first time since the injury and reveals his comeback and future plans…

BILD: Mr. Zoller, can you still be seen on the pitch this season?

Customs: “I believe in it! If things continue like this, I can imagine playing again in April. For this I sacrifice everything. So far I haven’t been on vacation or taken time off. So far I’ve been pulling it through mercilessly.”

BILD: You had five days off over Christmas, but returned after three.

Customs: “I have no time to waste. The knee hasn’t pinched so far, so I feel like I can put a little something on it every day.”

BILD: Sounds like you are perfectly on schedule.

Customs: “So far I haven’t had to slow down my rehabilitation pace, although we always train close to the maximum. I was able to start running two weeks earlier than planned and three weeks earlier on the court. stand But I don’t stress and don’t rush anything.”

BILD: What is the secret of your quick recovery?

Customs: “I have been fitted with some home medical equipment and work with two fantastic therapists/trainers. Add to that a little diligence and definitely my vegan diet (for over three years, ed.). In addition, I have never had any problems with my condition or my basic fitness. This helps.”

BILD: What do you still have to work on?

Zoller: “Of course I don’t have any contacts on the field yet. At the moment, a lot revolves around stability and strength. A milestone could be that I get a taste of the team in a few weeks.”

BILD: In the best case, it’s still enough for 7 league games. your personal goals?

Customs: “It’s all about staying up! But just kidding: 4 goals in 7 games would be nice…”

BILD: What would you prefer – the decisive goal to stay up in the league or win the cup?

Customs: “You have to see where we come from. We are still VfL, which played in the second division for 12 years. So it’s very clear: the goal for relegation.”

BILD: Does such a goal help you with rehabilitation?

Customs: “Definitely. And one more thing – one scene plays out in my head every day: how the stadium gets up when I’m called to the bench in a home game.”

BILD: Does your wife Laura Wontorra (32) sometimes have to slow you down?

Customs: “No need. Laura is more there to endure a whim from me. She’s been through a lot in eight years. That wasn’t always easy. I’m very grateful to be able to vent my frustration with her.”

Wife and TV presenter Laura Wontorra (right) also helps her Simon as a support in phases of frustrationPhoto: picture alliance/dpa

BILD: Are you also supported by your team?

Customs: “Manu Riemann has often reported, as well as Toto Losilla, Patrick Fabian and Robert Tesche. Thomas Reis also called every week. If I generally look at how many managers, coaches and players have contacted me after the injury, I realize that I haven’t been such a dumbass in the last 12 years.”

BILD: Of the 12 years you were with VfL for three, your contract runs until 2024. Are you ending your career here?

Customs: “Of course I can well imagine staying here until the end! If the body cooperates, why shouldn’t I play as long as Toto Losilla (35, contract until 2023, ed.)? I grew up here in Bochum.”

BILD: Are there any plans for the time after that?

Customs: “I could imagine – if the club wants – to stay in Bochum. VfL has a lot of potential, I said that when I extended my contract. This project is ongoing and very, very exciting.”

BILD: Do you have any concrete ideas?

Customs: “You become more experienced and at some point you know where your interests lie. There are a few areas I could think of. But, as I said, the club must also be able to imagine that. And more importantly: I still want to step in front of the marble for as long as I can!”


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