VfB Stuttgart: Vogt criticism of CL reform: “Going in the wrong direction”

Now VfB President Claus Vogt is getting involved in European football!

In an interview with “Spiegel”, the 51-year-old criticized the upcoming reform of the Champions League, which the European Football Association (Uefa) intends to adopt on Monday.

Vogt: “The reform is clearly going in the wrong direction. For me it is a lazy compromise between the interests of the big clubs that always want to earn more. “

Background: Uefa wants to say goodbye on Monday that the premier class will take place with 36 instead of 32 teams from the 2024/25 season. For this purpose, the competition should first be played in the league system and then in a knockout round.

This would increase the number of games from 125 to 225. More games would also mean more income for the association and the teams.

At the same time, Vogt does not criticize the high transfer expenses of individual clubs, but calls on the associations to find solutions.

Vogt: “That’s why we shouldn’t restrict the market per se in football either. I am not condemning Paris Saint-Germain spending over € 200m on a player like Neymar. But I would like the associations to intervene, for example by paying a certain percentage of the transfer fees into a solidarity pot. “

The money in the solidarity pot should then be used to promote young talent or amateur football.


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