VfB Stuttgart: Physio explains the sense behind Karazor’s breathing exercises

When it comes to optimizing his training, there is still a little room for improvement for him …

Atakan Karazor (24) is THE all-purpose defense weapon at VfB and is currently set under coach Pellegrino Matarazzo (43). In the BILD interview, he reveals the secret of his top form: breathing.

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The defensive man does breathing exercises almost every day with VfB sports psychologist Dino Poimann (32).

Karazor: “The body calms down, almost like a meditation. This is often underestimated, but it helps me to concentrate on the here and now. “

But what are the benefits of such breathing exercises for a professional footballer? Graduate physiotherapist Andreas Haag (46) says to BILD: “It’s about getting a few percent more performance out with this therapy. In this way, the lungs can develop better in the future and thus absorb more oxygen. “

An example of what training can do is wrestler Frank Stäbler (32). He was infected with Corona in mid-October and lost 20 percent of his performance. But with the help of breathing exercises he fought his way back and even won the bronze medal at the Olympics in Tokyo that year.

Haag: “Thanks to stories like this, breathing therapy is coming back into fashion, especially in competitive sports. The calm, rhythmic breathing brings you down well in the hectic pace of everyday life. ”More and more athletes use the training to fully exploit their potential. Haag (owner of the Stuttgart practice Unicum) also looks after a professional tennis player from Paris.

The special treatment has now found another prominent supporter in VfB star Karazor.


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