VfB Stuttgart: New keeper Müller goes to the Olympics

Hardly there, soon gone: Goalkeeper Florian Müller (23 / came from Mainz) will travel to the Olympic Games in Tokyo on July 12th as Germany’s number one, and will play against Brazil on July 22nd.

Stuttgart has given the go-ahead: “We feel it’s an honor,” says sports director Sven Mislintat (48). With Wataru Endo (28 / Japan), the Stuttgart-based company now has two players who are on the hunt for medals.

The Saarlander, who was loaned to Freiburg last season, talks about …

► … his first days in Stuttgart: “I feel good right away. In the first test I conceded a goal (10: 1 against Hollenbach / editor’s note), but by then I was already showering. “(Laughs)

► … Olympic Games: “As a footballer, you only experience that once in a lifetime, if at all. I am so grateful to be able to be there. In my youth I went to a sports school in Saarbrücken, so I also know athletes from other sports, so I will hopefully have time to meet familiar faces. “

►..the quality of the Tokyo team: “Many guys know each other and have already played together. With the U21 European Championship you saw what is possible with team spirit. We can achieve a lot there. “

► … possible disadvantages at VfB due to the time in Tokyo: “I can reassure everyone, I only came to Freiburg four days before the start of the league and things did not go badly (31 games, 6 to zero / note by the editor). Red.). Of course, the Bundesliga season is paramount, but I get into a rhythm in Tokyo and that can end positively for me and VfB. “

► … the rumor that he is an introvert: “I’ve heard that several times, but that’s only true in private. I’m calmer there. On the pitch, I basically talk all the time, trying to coach and organize with commands. “

► … his style of play: “Like that of Stuttgart: play bravely from the back to the front. That is what sets the team and me apart. I can still improve in all areas, there is always potential. “

► … goals with VfB: “We are a good team that has a lot of young players with a lot of potential. The top priority is relegation and then we’ll see what else happens. “

► … New goalkeeping coach Steffen Krebs: “He sets new accents, in the last unit I trained with glasses that weaken my eyesight. This trains orientation on the ball and the environment. “

► … role models: “I never really had any. My father and my uncle were goalkeepers and they always advised against: ‘Don’t do that, it’s the most ungrateful job’ (laughs). Generation Neuer, Leno and ter Stegen are impressive, they have brought their style of play through. I’m in contact with René Adler and there are always helpful tips. “

► … friend Nicola: “She was always by my side during my time in Mainz and Freiburg, and is now moving to Stuttgart with me too. We’re still in the hotel, after Olympia we’re moving into an apartment. “


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