VfB Stuttgart: After Porth’s resignation: VfB is missing four supervisory boards

There were only five left …

Claus Vogt (51) remains President of VfB Stuttgart e. V. But the Supervisory Board of Profi-AG, which is supposed to control the board and its chairman Thomas Hitzlsperger (39), can only perform its tasks to a limited extent.

After the departure of Vice-Chairman Wilfried Porth (61), the supervisory body anchored in the Stock Corporation Act has only five members: Vogt, as President, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Presidium member Rainer Adrion, as well as Hartmut Jenner (Kärcher), Franz Reiner (Daimler AG) and Bertram Sugg.

That leaves a requirement of four members.

Since the supervisory board not only controls the board members, but also decides on the finances of the AG and the extension of the contract with Hitzlsperger in October 2022 – according to AG law, the contract may only be extended one year in advance – VfB is forced to act.

Media Director Tobias Kaufmann (45) on BILD: “A decision will be made in August about filling vacancies.” One seat is to be kept free for another strategic investor.

Since Daimler can appoint a supervisory board instead of Porth, the general meeting would have to elect two members to the supervisory body.

In addition to the Vogt confidante Andre Bühler, who is also co-chairman of the advisory board, the green member of the Bundestag Cem Özdemir (55) is said to have intentions.


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