VfB coach Matarazzo – family return to Hoffenheim

Pellegrino Matarazzo (42) has been head coach at VfB for 322 days. In 25 competitive games (eleven wins, seven draws, seven defeats) he has so far been on the sidelines. But his most emotional game is still ahead.

On Saturday (3:30 p.m.) the time has come: When Stuttgart competes in Hoffenheim, it is like coming home for the US-Italian.

In Hoffenheim he gained his first experience in professional football before he took office at VfB – as assistant coach to Julian Nagelsmann (33) and Alfred Schreuder (48). But that’s not all: his family still lives near Hoffenheim.

Matarazzo’s homecoming! This is how Hoffenheim became his home …

► In July 2017, Nagelsmann guided the then youth coach of 1. FC Nürnberg to TSG. First, Matarazzo was the U17 coach in Hoffenheim. Only half a year later he was promoted to assistant coach. However, his family – wife Daniela and son Leopoldo – stayed in Nuremberg.

Julian Nagelsmann would have loved to take Matarazzo (left) with him to Leipzig as an assistant coach. Photo: picture alliance / photo booth

Matarazzo in the BILD interview some time ago: “This separation was tough for my son, it wasn’t going well for him.” After two years of long-distance relationship, he brought his small family to Kraichgau in August 2019. S.he moved to Wiesenbach, twelve kilometers from the Hoffenheim stadium. In the 3100-inhabitant village they took over the vacated domicile from Nagelsmann, who went to Leipzig.

But only four months later the next breakup. In December 2019, Matarazzo became VfB coach. He took an apartment in Stuttgart, his family stayed in Wiesenbach, 107 kilometers away. For his son, whom Matarazzo named after his father, the recent separation is no longer so painful.

The coach: “He’s coping much better now. Mainly because the distance is not that great. He feels that it is possible that we will see each other during the week. “

Matarazzo’s homecoming! He’s also looking forward to seeing the TSG players again. He is still in regular contact with some of them …


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