Van Trang twins

Ho Chi Minh CityActress Van Trang gave birth to twins – Quinisha and Quianna – at Tu Du hospital, November 1.

Van Trang said that each baby weighs nearly three pounds and is in stable health. She has not revealed the gender of her two children. On her personal page, many close colleagues such as: Le Phuong, Thuy Diem, Van Phuong … congratulate her “round mother and square child”.

Van Trang and her husband celebrated their first daughter’s birthday in October. Photo: Facebook page Van Trang.

In the early stages of her second pregnancy, her morning sickness was heavy, so she went to her mother’s house in Tan Binh district to have someone worry about eating. The first daughter – Queenie (more than four years old) – is cared for by her husband and grandmother at home in District 7.

Van Trang once shared that being pregnant during the epidemic caused her some inconvenience in daily life. She did not dare to leave the house, nor did she order food for fear of insecurity. However, she was wholeheartedly worried by her family.

The actress got married in early 2016. In October of the same year, she gave birth to her first daughter. After becoming a mother, she attended many events and was often closely watched by her husband. She was born in 1990, acted in many TV series such as: Even if the wind blows, the river is long… and cinema including: Saigon Yo!, the bride of war

Van Trang sings happy birthday to her husband

Van Trang sang happy birthday to her husband in 2015. Video: Character provided.

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