Van Mai Huong: “The pain of love makes me sing better”

Van Mai Huong found her life tripping and broken, causing her to fall in love, experience life, and then sing better at the age of 28.

On June 23, Van Mai Huong released MV More than a thousand pain, reaching nearly two million views, entered the Top 7 trending music on YouTube. On July 2, she and singer Lan Nha performed at the music night In the Mirror – Magic Mirror number two, in Hanoi.

Excerpt from the MV “A thousand pain” by Van Mai Huong. Video: YouTube Van Mai Huong Official

– The reason you accepted to participate in “In the Mirror – Magic Mirror”?

– For me, the program has a very good idea because it helps artists express themselves clearly in music. I’ve been singing ballads for a long time, but I still want to try other genres. Just like when you look in the mirror you will always see yourself, and the reflection is like a hidden corner that has never been discovered. On the stage In The Mirror, I think I will have more experience, do many new things to send to music lovers. At the show, I will have a duet with Lan Nha – whom I have known for a long time but have not had the opportunity to stand on the same stage.

– What interesting features do you hope to bring to the audience in this program?

– Me and musician Huy Tuan – Music Director of the program – have been together for a long time, understand each other, so work comfortably. We are choosing songs, remixes, and staging performances so that they can be impressive and emotional. I will bring a surprise to the audience – it’s singing bolero – music that I have never performed before.

I’ve been listening to bolero since I was a kid, my dad sings it very well. I haven’t performed for a long time because I don’t have a lot of life experience, haven’t felt the lyrics clearly. I found that my voice was not good at that time. At the age of 28, I changed my thinking, my way of looking at life, believing that there would be a way to convey emotions to the audience. I like and listen to a lot of bolero songs performed by artist Le Quyen. For me, she is the one who brings this genre of music closer to the young audience, different from the time of my parents.

I even sang live for the first time A thousand pain on the stage. My band and I are calculating how to have the best emotional resonance to the audience.

Image of Van Mai Huong at the event on June 23.  Photo: Character provided

Van Mai Huong at the event on June 23. Image: Characters provided

– What do you expect about the duet with Lan Nha – the male lead vocal in the show?

– Lan Nha and I have known each other since 12 years ago through the competition Vietnam Idol. We went to the same event many times but never sang together. On this stage, I look forward to the harmony between the two brothers. The two pursue different music, but for me that is not an obstacle, on the contrary, if done well, it will create something new.

Lan Nha is very manly to me. Recently, he has been working harder in music, producing many quality products. His old music songs are very smelly. We’re starting to pick songs, mixes, practice with the band.

– Looking back on 12 years in music, how do you see yourself changing?

– I have experienced many different stories, emotions, and images. I have been fortunate to have experienced many things since I was 16 years old. Right now I have many things: becoming a celebrity, receiving love from the audience… I am very grateful for that.

Like my name – Van Mai Huong – now begins to have a clearer “fragrance”, “fragrance”. I’m glad to hear many people comment that I’ve changed and grown up. In the past I didn’t think I could sing ballads, now it’s different. Maybe because my life has experienced hurt, joy, anger, love, and shame in love, so the song is narrative and heart-breaking.

Time Vietnam Idol 2010, my voice used to cause mixed opinions. I used to be self-deprecating about my voice, seeing nothing special. I think singing is like a means of transportation. Some people travel by bicycle, the other by plane. My voice is not an airplane, so cultivating and learning is always on top.

Over a decade later, I’m happy to receive compliments on my vocal progress. As a singer, emotions are very important, must come from within people. Singing is like telling a story, must let listeners empathize, find themselves in each melody and lyrics.

Van Mai Huong built a mature style at the age of 28. Photo: Provided by the character

Van Mai Huong built a mature style at the age of 28. Photo: Characters provided

– What sadness have you experienced to feel better when singing ballads?

– I think the sadness of love takes part. Love used to be able to bring people emotions of sublimation, passion, but also pain, even “kill” me in a certain moment. There are times when I borrow other people’s stories if I am the witness and feel the pain. When I sing, I will wriggle my memories into the songs to find harmony and have a good way of expressing them. Unpleasant things happen to me personally, so far, I’m still grateful for it because it gives me more emotions to sing.

In music, I’m very afraid of getting emotional or someday becoming a “singer”. I’ve always wanted my stage to be a sanctuary. I may only be able to sing for the last time, but when I step on the stage, there must be emotion and sincerity. There was a time when I refused to sing the minishow. Professional singers have 15-20 hits but every day, every month, singing over and over again will be very boring. If you sing about five songs in one session, you can, but if you have to perform 20 songs, it’s not good. I don’t want to go on stage to tell the same story every day. Up to now, I have not received the minishow back.

– What is your future musical direction?

– I aim for the image of “singing woman”, loving and luxurious style. I am almost 30 years old, no longer a child to follow the Z generation. I always consider music as breathing. I can’t force myself to be a 20-year-old girl, with my hair tied up like the old days or wearing a skirt on stage. The person I am now will live like that, expressing emotions clearly in music.

I have experienced many milestones in my career. The Vietnam Idol runner-up title was an unforgettable start, followed by the first hit – If you arrive (Nguyen Duc Cuong). Song Sand castle (Khac Hung) marked my growth, no longer a little girl singing for fun. After the album Smell Last year, people saw more clearly about the person Van Mai Huong.

In the past, I was very afraid of pressure, now I like that feeling because I always push myself to try. Before, I was a bit lazy, now I realize that I have to use 200% of my energy and spirit to create and produce quality products. I am happy to see that the juniors are currently very talented, and their colleagues are constantly having hits. I don’t think I have to compete with anyone. A part of the audience, on the surface, will comment that artists often fight, but the truth is that we cherish each other. If someone does a decent job, I always respect and wish them better.

In the Mirror – Magic Mirror is a series of music programs organized by VnExpress newspaper, FPT Online company and Star website. This is a meeting and exchange space for much-loved singers, where they talk about their musical path, perform famous songs and discover other artistic capacities.

The second issue featured two vocalists who came out of the competition together Vietnam Idol 2010 –Van Mai Huong and Lan Nha. Music director – musician Huy Tuan, Anh Em band and singers will bring a colorful music story with a new concept. Through the “Magic Mirror”, artists recreate their career journey with the most beautiful milestones. Singers will also have to look at themselves in another mirror “Silent Mirror”, where they introduce to the audience other perspectives, inner whispers, and personality colors that are rarely introduced to the public.

The music show took place in Park City urban area (Le Trong Tan, Ha Dong) on ​​July 2. The show is both live and replayed on the eBox platform. Readers can buy tickets here.

Before that, the first number of In the Mirror aired on January 19 with the participation of Tung Duong and Bui Anh Tuan.

Van Mai Huong: I look forward to the image of a woman singing

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