Vaccine against the Covid-19: what will the opening of the available slots to all bring within 24 hours?

Each week its new “Devices” for “Accelerate” the vaccination. Emmanuel Macron said Thursday, May 6 that all over 50 would finally have access to bites from May 10, five days before the date initially set. Another novelty: the possibility, from May 12, to benefit from the injection slots available within 24 hours, “Whatever your age”, for “Do not waste any dose whatsoever”.

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This announcement comes a week after the vacancy peaks reached on the five appointment booking platforms – Doctolib, Maiia, Kledoc, Mapharma and Ordoclic. More than 350,000 unfilled slots for the next fifty days were listed on April 30. The ViteMaDose site still had 312,000 as of May 7, spread across 861 sites across the country.

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By opening vaccination to all adults who would find a schedule still free the day before, the executive allows doctors to go out of the age thresholds so as not to lose product, when deliveries have never been also important. But the effect of the measure on vaccination coverage will undoubtedly be marginal.

A few tens of thousands of doses

“The number of slots available in 24 hours varies constantly, but it turns around a few thousand, between 2000 and 5000 depending on the moment., counts Guillaume Rozier, computer engineer and creator of ViteMaDose. This Thursday May 6 to In the morning, there were about 3,000. “ These time slots however correspond to a larger volume of doses. A niche can represent several dozen injections in the largest centers, when general practitioners and pharmacists, on the contrary, open more appointments than they have vaccines, to be sure of finding takers.

“We can consider that at this time there would be only a few tens of thousands of doses available within 24 hours”, assesses Guillaume Rozier. Very little therefore compared to the current rate of vaccination: nearly 530,000 administrations for the day of May 5.

“It is above all a question of optimizing, because we are obviously not talking about millions of injections with this measure, confirms Jean-Paul Stahl, professor of infectious and tropical diseases at Grenoble University Hospital. This decision is good because it avoids losses and puts an end to the misunderstanding of part of the population, willing to be vaccinated but deprived of slots on the sole basis of their age. We can also hope for a snowball effect with these openings to all, and that people who are not necessarily up to the start come for the vaccination by word of mouth. “

46 million vaccines expected within two months

However, the number of free doses for the next day could quickly increase. And the practical arrangements for making an appointment would not be finalized. “The government’s request to the platforms would be to make all of the following day’s slots available at 4 p.m., reports Guillaume Rozier. But the modalities are constantly changing because of their difficulties in installing this new feature. It is not impossible that we could eventually reserve more widely: have access to slots before 4 p.m. or take them for the same day. “

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The expected deliveries of vaccines should also mechanically increase the number of appointments. More than 30.3 million doses have been received to date according to the Ministry of Health, including 24.5 million administered. The Directorate General of Health (DGS) plans an additional 14 million by the end of May, and 46 million before July.


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