Vaccination pass: the answers to your questions

After a turbulent adoption by parliamentarians and the validation of its main principles by the Constitutional Council, the bill establishing the vaccination pass came into force on Monday January 24, replacing the health pass.

→ WE ANSWER YOU. Covid-19: ask your questions about the vaccination pass

The cross invites you to ask your questions about this new pass. Find in this list the answers provided by our journalists.

► “Is the vaccination pass compulsory for catechism? »

The vaccination pass is linked to cultural, festive, recreational or sporting activities. The religious field is therefore not concerned “, tells us the Conference of Bishops of France.

► “From what age does it apply?” »

The new obligations related to the vaccination pass apply from the age of 16. However, 12-15 year olds remain subject to certain rules.

► “Can it be obtained through a certificate of reinstatement? »

The recovery certificate which proves that you have tested positive for Covid-19 remains valid for the vaccination pass, as it was already for the health pass. However, pay attention to its expiry dates.

► “Will the health pass be automatically converted into a vaccination pass? »

Holders of a health pass do not have to take any steps to convert it into a vaccination pass.

► “Should 16-17 year olds receive a third dose? »

A third injection is not compulsory for 12-17 year olds, except for young people with comorbidities or who are immunocompromised.


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